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Bi-Annual Quilt Show
Quilts from the Heart of Berks

Results from our show in October 2022.

We look forward to seeing you on October 4 and 5, 2024.

Best of Show: Tracey Moyer – Old Fashioned

Judges Choice: Sue Suhre – Blossoms and Berries


1st: Lorraine Houseman – Pumpkin Pillow

2nd: Gail Ryan – 4- Zippered Purse

3rd: Katelyn Bieber – Dahlia in the Flesh


Hand Quilted:

1st: Deb Lorah- Swan Song

2nd: Susan Albright- Color Works

3rd: Shari Nyles- Over the Rainbow


Large Applique:

1st: Sue Suhre – Heartfelt Tulips

2nd: Sue Suhre – Berks Bounty

3rd: Jo Griffith- Cockscomb and Pomegranate


Large Group Applique:

1st: Not Awarded

2nd: Elizabeth Charles - Dutch Love

3rd: Joanne Franklin - Blue Oak Leaf


Large Group Pieced:

1st: Susan Albright- Rabbit Races

2nd: Tracey Moyer – Made With Love to Celebrate Yours

3rd: Deb Powell – Ombre Blooms


Large Mixed and Other:

1st:Tracey Moyer – Old Fashioned

2nd: Sue Suhre- Quarter by Quarter


Large Pieced:

1st: Tracey Moyer - Lilibet

2nd: Janet Henshaw – Champagne Bubbles

3rd: Sue Suhre – Easy Star Sampler


Medium Applique:

1st: Sue Suhre – A’ Bloom

2nd:Sue Suhre – Mildly Confused

3rd: Cookie Slegel – Rosebud Lane


Medium Group Applique:

1st: Kim Loudis – The Garden


Medium Group Mixed and Other:

1st: Tracey Moyer – Pennsylvania Primer

2nd: Joyce Davidheiser – Farmhouse Quilt

3rd: Deb Powell – Dragonflies in Summer


Medium Group Pieced:

1st: Susan Albright – Garden Maze

2nd: Lorraine Houseman – Irish Plaid

3rd: Christa Hirneisen – What’s Your Favorite Color?


Medium Mixed and Other:

1st: Sue Suhre – Blossom and Berries

2nd: Brenda Legenski – Honey Bee

3rd: Cookie Slegel – Hogwarts School of Magic


Medium Pieced:

1st: Katelyn Bieber – Interleave with Crabs

2nd: Shirley Eskey – Summer Stars

3rd: Kim Loudis - Masquerade


Small Applique:

1st: Not Awarded

2nd: Gail Ryan – Seaweed Swimming

3rd: Burd Kerchner – 100% Natural Milk


Small Mixed and Other:

1st: Cookie Slegel – Modern Petals

2nd: Dianna Shurr – Spring All Around

3rd: Ann Bertorelli – The Me I’d Like to Be


Small Pieced:

1st: Sue Suhre – Pear Pair

2nd: Janet Cramer – Desert Landscape

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