Quilts from the Heart of Berks

October 5 & 6  2018

Biannually, the Berks Quilt Guild presents Quilts from the Heart of Berks show, a superb collection of quilts made by the members of the guild.

The 2018 show on October 5 and 6 was a great success !   The show included almost 200 items made by 51 of our 125 members. The majority of the exhibit included quilts of various sizes and techniques. Also included were a number of craft items such as table runners, pillows, and other home items. About 75% of the quilts were judged with 46 ribbons awarded.   The ‘Best in Show’ award went to “Old Vine Zen” by Tracey Moyer, quilted by Bethanne Nemish.

The show also featured 20 vendors, a demonstration area with hourly presentations, a silent auction, and a large number of raffle baskets.   

Our thanks to our show sponsor, Don Kauffman Sewing in Temple, PA.


The next show is scheduled for October, 2020.

Activity : Meet the Teachers !

The Meet the Quilt Teacher program was a great success.  We had 10 teachers from 5 states, and their presentations often were filled to the point of standing room only.  Many quilt guilds sent representatives to the show, and it was a good opportunity for both the teachers and the guild members to meet.  The teachers were able to present samples of their guild workshops, and many left with several bookings on their schedules, and the emails of other interested guilds. Some sold their books and patterns or fabrics as well.

Any guild or teacher who wishes to be notified of the next Meet the Quilt Teacher event should leave us a contact email and specify whether they are a guild or a teacher.

 Our thanks to the Teachers!   We loved hosting you!   And thanks also to the guilds who used the opportunity to book great Teachers.











... and the Winners are ...


Tracey Moyer

Large Pieced

1st:  Brenda Legenski

2nd: Janet Henshaw

3rd: Susan Landis

Medium Pieced

1st:  Fern Gerth

2nd: Shirley Eskey

3rd : Shirley Eskey

Small Pieced

1st:  Tracey Moyer

Large Group Pieced

1st : Susan Albright

2nd: Lisa McKenrick

3rd: Sheila Stewart

Medium Group Pieced

1st:  Susan Albright

2nd: Susan Albright

Large Applique

1st: Janet Henshaw

2nd: Sue Suhre

3rd: Sue Suhre

Medium Applique

1st: Sue Suhre

2nd: Leslie Wheeler

3rd : Ann Bertorelli

3rd: Marcia Holbrook

Small Applique

1st: Sue Suhre

3rd Joanne Franklin

Medium Group Applique

3rd: Jill Gerhart

Large Mixed & Other

1st: Sue Suhre

2nd: Brenda Legenski

Medium Mixed & Other

1st : Susan Albright

2nd: Marcia Holbrook

3rd: Marcia Holbrook

Small Mixed & Other

1st:  Marcia Holbrook

2nd: Christa Hirniesen

3rd: Brenda Legenski

Large Group 

Mixed & Other

1st:  Tracey Moyer

Medium Group

Mixed & Other

1st:  Lisa McKenrick

3rd:  Jill Gehart

Medium Modern

1st: Ronna Serota

2nd: Sue Suhre

3rd: Janet Henshaw

Small Modern

1st: Susan Albright

Large Group Modern

1st: Joanne Franklin

Medium Group Modern

1st: Lisa McKenrick

2nd:  Sheila Stewart

3rd:  Susan Albright

Crafts & Accessories

1st: Lorraine Houseman

2nd: Deb Powell

3rd: Laurie Distasio

Hand Quilted

1st: Deb Lorah